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XML Schema

XMLSchema The definition of an XML document, which includes the XML tags and their interrelationships. Residing within the document itself, an XML schema may be used to verify the integrity of the content.

Various recommendations for an XML schema were submitted to the W3C, and a standard was approved in May 2001 that included the ability to define data by type (date, integer, etc.).

An XML schema is a description of a type of XML document, typically expressed in terms of constraints on the structure and content of documents of that type, above and beyond the basic syntax constraints imposed by XML itself.
Through a process called time-sharing, a large computer can handle interaction with hundreds of users simultaneously, giving each the perception of being the sole user.
An XML schema provides a view of the document type at a relatively high level of abstraction.

Contents :-

  • XML Schema

    Introduction to Schema

    Evolution of XML
    Introduction to DTD
    XMLSchema in sight
    Schema vs. DTD

    Getting Started with XML Schema

    First Schema Document
    Simple Elements
    Simple Attributes
    Simple Restrictions

    XML Schema Data types

    XS Numeric types
    XS Logic, Binary and Text types
    XS Date and Time types
    Data Types and Restrictions

    XS Complex Types

    XS Complex Element
    XS Text only and Mixed Elements
    XS Indicators
    XS Element Substitution
    XS any

    XML Schema and Java

    Introduction to SAX
    Getting the Java XML Parser
    Choosing the suitable XML API
    Parsing XML with SAX
    Validating XML with Java
    XML to JTree

    Schema Validation

    Schema Validation
    Validating Schema with Java

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