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XHTML XHTML is a markup language for Web pages from the W3C(World Wide Web Consortium). XHTML combines HTML and XML into a single format (HTML 4.0 and XML 1.0). Like XML, XHTML can be extended with proprietary tags. Also like XML, XHTML must be coded more rigorously than HTML. Over the years, HTML coders have become sloppy, because Web browser software was originally written to tolerate many variations in HTML coding, but, with XHTML, coders must conform to the XML rules.

In one sentence we can say that XHTML is a superset of HTML, but unlike HTML it is stricter to rules and requires a document to follow XML rules.Whereas HTML is an application of SGML, a very flexible markup language, XHTML is an application of XML, a more restrictive subset of SGML.

Contents :-


    Introduction to XHTML

    History of HTML
    Evolution of XHTML
    XHTML vs. HTML
    Why XHTML
    XHTML Tags and CSS Styles

    Basic Document Layout

    Getting started with XHTML
    Structuring Page Content
    Paragraph & blockquote tags
    Line Breaks <br/>
    Horizontal Rules
    XHTML Lists
    Linking Pages

    Document Style

    Applying Styles
    Width and Height
    Spans and Divisions
    Style Selectors and Classes
    Styling Lists
    Borders and Padding
    Element Sizing
    Element Positioning

    Formatting Text

    Font Settings
    Text Properties
    Font Style Tags
    Text and Background Colors
    Special Characters


    Supported Graphic Formats
    Displaying Images in web pages
    Background Images

    Creating Links

    Text Links
    Graphic Links
    Image Maps

    Working with Tables

    XHTML table Tag
    XHTML tfoot Tag
    XHTML th Tag
    XHTML tbody Tag
    XHTML td Tag
    XHTML tr Tag
    Text Alignment
    Column and Row Span
    Using Tables for Page Layout

    Incorporating Multimedia

    Audio/Video Formats
    Playing Audio
    Playing Video

    Using Frames in WebPages

    Creating Framesets
    Targeting Frames
    Floating Frames iframe

    Working with XHTML Form elements

    Form Controls
    Creating Forms
    Textbox Controls
    Textarea Control
    Radio Buttons
    Drop-Down Lists
    Submit and Reset Buttons
    Group Boxes and Tab Order

    Designing Web Sites

    Site Structure
    Page Colors


    OnBlur Event
    OnChange Event
    OnClick Event
    OnFocus Event
    OnKeyDown Event
    OnLoad Event
    OnMouseDown Event
    OnMouseMove Event
    OnMouseOut Event
    OnMouseover Event
    Unload Event


    XHTML 1.0 DTD Reference

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