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Working With PHP

WorkingWithPHP This Manual is for developing a web application starting from Scratch , we here discuss every thing from the Beginning and giving you a step by step knowledge , expecting you don’t know about the web development, how can you start web development, what is the requirements & tools, what is the editors to be used etc.In spite of these we here give a step by step help section, print screens, Interview Questions and appendix to actually visualize you to grasp the Logic as well as presentation of actual web development.

This manual, teaches you all flavors of development phases starting from Learning the concept, explaining with examples, basic requirement for a software development, tools software’s, leaning materials and giving the idea of how a software development process going on with providing DFD, flowchart E-R diagram, and suitable screen shots and of course project documentation.
And as soon as you follow this, at the last you must feel that the fear of the evil of development will go, and now you have capability to develop software.

Contents :-

  • Working With PHP

    Getting Started



    About WWP

    Introduction to Web Technology

    Client-Server Technology
    Apache Web Server
    World Wide Web & Internet
    Web Browsers
    Web Standards (W3C)
    Database Management System

    Server Side & Client Side Script

    Introduction to HTML
    Introduction to CSS
    Introduction to Java Script
    Introduction to PHP
    php oop's concepts
    Introduction to MySql

    Operating System

    Windows XP & Vista

    Installation & Configuration of Packages

    Installation of Wamp
    Working With WAMP
    Working With WAMP

    Manual Installation

    Installation of Apache
    Installation of PHP
    Installation of MySql

    WYSWYG Tools for Windows

    Edit Plus

    Project Documentation

    Idea for making this project


    Basic Features
    Aim and Objectives
    Platform (Technologies/Tools)
    Project Description


    Admin Module
    User Module
    Quiz Module


    Flow Chart
    E-R Diagram


    Creating Database

    HTML View

    HTML View for the Quiz system

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