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MicrosoftXP Windows XP, Microsoft's first OS to combine the Windows 9x code with the NT code, finally removing the MS-DOS layer from Windows 9x, was released on October 25, 2001.
Windows XP is a line of proprietary operating systems developed by Microsoft for use on general-purpose computer systems, including home and business desktops, notebook computers, and media centers.The letters "XP" stand for eXPerience.XP added improved support for gaming, digital photography, instant messaging and wireless networking.

It added a personal firewall, and it improved the sharing of connections to the Internet.XP handles audio and video more efficiently than earlier versions of Windows, something which becomes apparent when you're using Windows Messenger.

Contents :-

  • Windows XP

    Introduction to Windows XP

    Description XP
    Getting Started with Windows XP
    Turn off, Restart, Stand By
    The Run Window

    Windows XP Basic

    The Operating System
    The Windows
    Handling Mouse and Keyboard


    Get to Know the Desktop
    The Bars and Start Button
    The Icon and Shortcuts
    Change the Date and Time
    Visualize the ToolBars

    Windows XP Explorer

    Explorer Window
    Explorer Views
    Selecting/Deleting Files
    Make New Folder
    Files and Folder Properties


    Searching Files and Folder
    Searching for People

    Recycle Bin

    Introduction to Recycle Bin
    Restoring files or folder
    Emptying the Recycle Bin

    Screen Configuration

    The Screen Saver
    Screen Appearance
    Resolution and Color

    Mouse Configuration

    The Buttons
    The Pointer
    Pointer Option

    Adding/Removing Programs

    Adding New Programs
    Modifying/Removing Programs
    Adding Windows Components

    Adding New Hardware

    Adding Hardware
    To Install Windows XP


    Installing a Printer
    The Print Manager
    Printer Properties

    System Tools

    System Tools
    The Disk Defragmenter
    System Information
    Restore System
    Formatting a Disk

    Accessibility Option

    Using Accessibility Wizard
    Adjusting Accesibility Options
    Adjusting Display Options
    Adjusting Keyboard Options
    Adjusting Taskbar and Menu
    Using Narrator


    Using Magnifier
    Turning ON and use Magnifier
    Changing the position of the Magnifier
    Invert the Color of Magnifier

    Windows Media Player

    Windows Media Player
    Current Playing
    Handling the Player
    How to Create a Play list
    The CD Player
    Copying a CD

    What's New?

    XP Documentation-PCE
    New Views and Option in Folder
    Security Center
    Browsing the Interner

    Schedule Task

    Schedule Task

    Creating Your Account

    Manage User Profile



    Window's Help

    Window's Help

    How to Install Windows XP

    Upgrade to Windows XP
    To install XP in new Hard Drive
    To install XP in New Folder

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