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Windows 98

Windows 98 Windows 98 is an operating system that lets you use different types of applications or software. For example, it allows you to use a word processing application to write a letter, and a spreadsheet application to track your financial information.

Windows 98 is a graphical user interface (GUI). It has pictures (graphical) that you use (user) to communicate (interface) with the computer. This type of system is popular because it's logical, fun and easy to use.

This operating system has multitasking capabilities, meaning it can run several applications at the same time. Multitasking allows you to view this module on the Internet at the same time that you practice using other applications with Windows 98.

Contents :-

  • Windows 98

    Introduction to Windows 98

    New features

    Installing windows 98

    How to Install Windows 98? Step-by-Step

    Getting Started

    The Desktop
    Part of a Window
    Moving, Sizing, and Organizing Windows
    Switching between windows
    Dialog Boxes
    Identifying File Box Features
    Pointing and Clicking
    Working with menus
    Using Find in Windows 98
    Getting Help

    Windows Desktop & Start menu

    Selecting wallpaper of choice
    Applying screensaver
    Active Desktop
    Different Desktop Styler
    Customizing Start Menu
    Creating Desktop Shortcut
    Modifying Display setting

    Windows Taskbar & System tray

    Quick Launch toolbar
    System tray

    Drives, Files & Folders

    What is a Drive?
    What is a Folder?
    What is a File?
    Create, rename, copy, move a File/Folder


    What are Favorites?
    Adding Files & folder to favorite
    Using Favorite


    Taskbar setting
    Installing Printer
    Printer Setting
    Canceling a Print job
    Setting Data & Time
    Mouse setting

    Accessibility Options

    Accessibility wizard
    Using Control Panel to set Accessibility options


    Using Magnifier

    Font & Character Map

    What is a Font?
    Installing a new Font
    Using Character Map


    Multimedia features
    Plug & Play


    Maintenance Wizard
    System tune-up tools

    What is a Network?

    What is a Network?
    What is a browser?
    Getting Connected to Internet
    Navigating WWW

    Using Outlook Express

    Sending a message
    Attaching a file to a message
    Receiving and reading a message
    Adding e-mail addresses to the address book

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