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WAPWML WML (Wireless Markup Language) is the new web language for making sites on mobile phones.
Over the past few months new WAP (Wireless Applications Protocol) phones have become extremely popular and many large websites have created special 'mobile' versions of their site.

Many people predict that, over the next few years, WAP sites will become even morepopular and e-commerce over mobile phones will be widely available.

Wireless Markup Language(WML) based on XML, is a content format for devices that implement the Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) specification, such as mobile phones, and preceded the use of other markup languages now used with WAP, such as XHTML and even standard HTML (which are gaining in popularity as processing power in mobile devices increases).

Contents :-


    Introduction to WAP

    Evolution of XML
    Introduction to WAP & WML
    Benefits of WAP

    Basics of WML

    Structure of WML document
    The wml Tag
    Basic WML Tags
    WML Comments

    WML Formatting Tags

    The p Tag
    The b Tag
    The em & i Tag
    The strong Tag
    The u Tag

    WML Linking Tags

    The a Tag
    The anchor Tag
    The go tag
    The prev Tag

    WML Form

    The input Tag
    The option & optgroup Tags
    The fieldset tag
    The postfield Tag

    Other WML Tags

    head Tag
    noop tag
    onevent Tag
    WML Table Tag
    The timer Tag
    refresh Tag
    setvar Tag

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