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Tally 8.1

Tally8.1 Tally 8.1 is the world’s first business application to support the concurrent or simultaneous use of different languages - a real breakthrough in business accounting and inventory management software. The feature rich Tally 8.1 is a higher version of the VAT compliant and highly successful Tally 7.2.

Tally as we know is purely Indian Software (Tally Solution Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore) to help you in maintaining accounts & Inventory of your office, home, Industry or for that matter any business which you too may be having.

Backed by a legacy of incredible simplicity, Tally 8.1 takes one more considerable step towards ensuring that concrete business compensation are realized, from accounting on computers.

Contents :-

  • Tally 8.1

    Fundamental concept of problem solving

    Introduction to Tally 8.1
    New Feature of Tally 8.1
    Installation of Tally 8.1
    Company Creation
    Main Area
    Activate F11: Feature (Company Feature)
    Security Control
    How to Manage and Operate Groups?
    Display or Alter a Group
    Multiple Creation of Groups
    How to Manage & Operate Ledger
    Creating Multiple Ledgers
    Creating Inventory Masters
    Creating Multiple Stock Groups
    Stock Categories
    Displaying & Altering Stock
    Displaying & Altering Stock Categories
    Stock Items
    Enter Standard Rates
    Costing Method
    Units of Measure
    Price Levels
    Price Lists
    Entering Accounting Voucher in Tally
    How to Enter Vouchers?
    Type of Voucher
    Accounting Vouchers
    Contra Entry (F4)
    Payment Entry F5
    Cheque Printing
    Receipt Entry (F6)
    Journal Entry
    Cash Accounts in Journal
    Sales Entry(F8)
    Inventory Allocation
    Unconventional Vouchers
    Memo Voucher
    Memorandum Voucher Register
    Optional Voucher
    Scenario Management
    Using Scenarios in Statements & Reports
    Post—Dated Vouchers
    Purchase & Sales Orders
    How to Create A Purchase Order
    How to Create a Sales Order
    View Order Position
    Invoice Entry
    Configuring the Invoice
    VAT (Value Added Tax)
    Enabling Tally VAT
    Ledger Masters
    Purchase Ledger
    Sales Ledger
    Duties & Taxes Ledger
    Method of Calculation
    Purchase Voucher (As Invoice)
    Sales Vouchers (As Invoice)
    Debit Note/Credit Note
    Purchase Return — Debit Note
    Sales Returns—Credit Note
    Payment Voucher Entry
    Typical Purchase Transaction
    Computation of VAT
    Voucher Classes
    Types Of Voucher
    Voucher Creation Screen
    Pure Inventory Vouchers
    Receipt Note Voucher
    Rejection—In Voucher
    Delivery Note Voucher
    Rejection—Out Voucher
    Stock Journal Voucher
    Bills of Materials
    How to Create a New Manufacturing Journal?
    Component (Consumption)
    Create a Foreign Currency Master
    Alter Currency
    Rates Of Exchange
    Foreign Exchange Transaction
    Cost Centers
    Cost Category
    Creating Cost Centers Under Cost Categories
    Service Tax
    Service Tax in Tally
    Creating Service Tax Ledgers
    Transferring Earlier Service Tax Entries in Tally
    Service Tax Reports
    Service Tax Payable
    ST3 Report
    Tax Deducted At Source (TDS)
    TDS in Tally
    Creating TDS Master
    Creating Party Ledger
    Creating Tax Ledger
    TCS Introduction
    TCS Reports
    Job Costing
    FBT (Fringe Benefit Tax) In Tally
    Excise In Tally
    Display –Tally Reports
    Modifying Reports
    Display Account Books & Statements
    Viewing Cash/Bank Books
    Display Balance Sheet
    Display Profit & Loss Account
    Display Trial Balance
    Day Book
    Books & Registers
    Monthly Summary
    List Of Vouchers
    Ratio Analysis
    Cost Centre Reports
    Outstanding & Credit Control
    Reminder Letters
    Statutory Reports
    Cash & Funds Flow
    Reconciliation Of Bank Accounts
    Display Inventory Reports & Statements
    Godown Vouchers
    Formats For Export Of Data In Tally 8.1
    Import Of Data
    Shortcut Keys In Tally

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