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Tally 5.4

Tally5.4 Tally 5.4 is versatile and massive software package , being used by various types of trades and industry.

The Tally 5.4 version also provide facility of inventory management. To take advantages of full potential of tally, the user has to under stand its feature their implication and how to implement them into business scenario. Tally is one of the most simple and complete business solutions available in the world. Anybody who has a basic knowledge of accounts or an average knowledge of English can use Tally.

Contents :-

  • Tally 5.4

    Introduction of Tally


    Gateway of Tally

    Gateway of tally

    Account Information

    Voucher type
    Cost center
    Cost categories

    Inventory Information & Voucher entry

    Inventory information
    Voucher entry
    Voucher type

    Company Creation

    Create a new Company

    Ledger creation

    Ledger Basics
    Ledger creation

    Display & Multi account printing

    Multi accout printing

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