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Pagemaker PageMaker is a desktop publishing program from Adobe which creates layout of text and graphics on paper. It can create layouts for individual, multiple, and double-sided pages.
Graphics and text can be placed anywhere in the publication, and there are features for wrapping text around graphics and overlaying text on graphics. Text can be imported from and exported to files in most Mac and PC formats, as well as ASCII files.

PageMaker can import graphics that are in Paint-type, PICT and PICT2, Encapsulated PostScript, and TIFF file formats.

Contents :-

  • Page Maker

    Introduction to PageMaker

    Advantages of PageMaker

    Getting Started

    Opening the PageMaker
    Creating a New Document
    New Document Windows
    PageMaker Toolbox
    Saving file using Save As
    Opening an existing Document

    PageMaker Components

    Dialog Boxes

    Automate your work

    PageMaker Styles
    Using PageMaker Templates
    Using Master Page

    Layout Leading

    Adjusting Space
    Advance Charter Formating
    Working with Kerning
    Using Spacing
    Inserting and Removing Pages
    Working with Columns

    Working with Plug-ins

    Working with the Add Cont'd Line
    Balancing Columns
    Applying Bullets and Numbers
    Changing case of Text
    Working with Drop Cap
    Using the Grid Manager
    Using Build Booklet Plug-in
    Using running Headers & Footers
    Selector Option

    Working With Graphics

    Drawing with PageMaker
    Panning Graphics
    Using Text Wrap

    Working With Color

    Applying Color
    Creating New Color
    Using Color Library

    Printing Your document

    Printing a standard document

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