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How to Install Computer Speakers


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How To Install Computer Speakers

Most of us now use our computers for various purposes such as watching videos and listening to music. Since this is the case, a computer without speakers is considered an incomplete setup. This article aims to help those individuals who will install their computer speakers for the first time.



1. Follow some necessary safety precautions first before installing your computer speakers. Since you will be working with electronic devices, then it is important that you follow some important considerations first to avoid any accidents or mishaps. Make sure that the computer is shut down properly and turned off first. Unplug your computer from the power strip as an added precautionary measure as well.

2. Take out the newly purchased computer speakers from the box. You will most probably have a pair of speakers plus a subwoofer, depending on the kind of setup you purchased. Figure out which speaker goes to the right and the left. The main speakers should be labeled respectively with this information. If ever you purchased a subwoofer, then it will usually be placed in the middle of the setup.

3. Look for the best location to place your computer speaker setup. The placement of the computer speakers will almost always be determined by the length of the speaker wires. Lower end speakers will probably have relatively short wires as compared to the more expensive ones. Just make sure that you place the speakers close enough for you to easily access its control buttons.


4. Hook up the computer speakers to each other and then to the computer. For some computers that may need to be connected to each other to function, simply hook them up using the wires that came in the box. Next is to locate the speaker ports that are located at the back of the computer's central processing unit. Most computer ports are color coded so you simply have to connect the respective speaker cable ends to the same colored port. If this isn't the case though, then connect the speakers to the ports that are labeled with a speaker and a headphone icon.

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