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Windows XP Remote Assistance


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Introduction to Remote Assistance

Windows allows to send a request for assistance to another Windows XP system . The system asking for help/ support ("Assistance") is called the "Novice", the system giving help / support is called the "Expert" :


Such a connection to give assistance is possible via any connection, which supports TCP/IP :

- local area network (LAN )
- Wide area network (WAN)
- dial-in via Modem
- via the Internet


- to be able to use "Remote Assistance", both the system of the Novice and Expert must have Windows XP installed (if one of these systems is not running Windowsx XP, use NetMeeting ) !

- when connecting via a firewall , it is required to have an open TCP/IP port 3389.

Once the "Expert" has accepted the invitation and connects to the "Novice" system, he can see on his screen the desktop of the "Novice", he is also (if allowed by the "Novice") take control and use the mouse and keyboard on his "Expert" system to control the "Novice" system :


This is similar to the "Remote Desktop", only available in Windows XP Professional, but while "Remote Desktop" allows to connect to a host-computer without any user action on the host system, Remote Assistance requires a user to be present to accept an incoming connection.

Setting Remote Assistance

Before using Remote Assistance, you must enable this option on your system so that your system can be controlled remotely. To Enable Remote Assistance on your system, follow these steps:

• Open Control Panel (click on Start-Settings-Control Panel/Start-Control Panel), • Double Click on System icon:


(or right-click "My Computer" on the desktop and select Properties)\

• Select the tab: Remote


By default, Remote Assistance is activated. Please check the "Advanced ..." settings


Note : The other option on on this tab , Remote Desktop , is NOT available for Windows XP Home Edition, it is only available for Windows XP Professional.

Define, whether you allow the "Expert" only to view your activities or whether the "Expert" can also take control, i.e. use his mouse and keyboard to operate your system.

Define the maximum amount of time, an invitation can remain open. After you have setup Remote Assistance, you can now Request other peoples to help you remotely. You can send invitation either via email or instantly via Windows Messenger.

Sending Invitations

To send out a request for help / support, to send an "Invitation for Remote Assistance", select from the Windows Start-menu :

"Programs" - "Remote Assistance",


This starts up the Windows XP "Help and Support Center" / Remote Assistance page.

You can review the status of current invitations , to send out a new invitation, select "Invite someone to help you"



Type the email address of the person and click on Invite this person.


Type your name and message and click Continue.


Configure options on this page and click on Send Invitations.

Using Windows Messenger for Remote Assistance

You can also use Windows Messenger or Windows Live Messenger to get Remote Assistance. But to use Remote Assistance from Windows Messenger there are some conditions that must be met:

• Remote Person should also have Windows Messenger installed on his/her system.

• Remote Person should be in your contact list and should be online for accepting your request and assisting you.

Note: If you have sent the invitation as a file then the user doesn’t need Windows Messenger on his/her system.

To use Remote Assistance from Windows Messenger, follow these steps:

1. Start the Windows Messenger and Login into you account


2. After Signing into your account, see if any body is online


Start a conversation with the online person by double clicking on his/her name in the contact list.

3. After starting the conversation, select Start Remote Assistance from I want to.. found in the Right Pane of the Conversation window.


4. To start the Remote Assistance remote user must accept your request for Remote Assistance.


5. After Remote User has accepted your request for remote assistance, Remote Assistance will prompt you with a confirmation message.


6. Click Yes to start the Remote Assistance


7. After Starting the Remote assistance, Remote User can request control of your system by clicking on Take Control option on his/her Remote Assistance window, to assist you.




Remote Assistance on Work

Note: You can take back the control any time pressing Esc key from the keyboard.

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