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MYSQL MySQL Pronounced "my S-Q-L" or "my-see-quill", it is a very popular open source, Relational DBMS from MySQL AB, Uppsala, Sweden (www.mysql.com) that runs under various versions of Unix, Windows and Mac.
Widely used for Web applications and Embedded applications, MySQL is available for free from MySQL AB under the GNU license as well as for a fee without restrictions. MySQL includes a C/C++ interface.

There are also ODBC and JDBC drivers available, and many scripting languages such as Perl, Python, TCL, etc. support it.

Contents :-

  • MySQL

    Introduction to RDBMS

    Introduction to SQL
    Evolution of RDBMS

    Introduction to MySQL

    Introduction to MySQL
    Why use MySQL?
    Features of MySql

    Installing MySQL

    Getting the Software
    Installing MySQL
    Post Inastall configuration

    SQL & MySQL Terminologies

    Database Theory
    Sample Database
    Basic Database Terminology
    MySQL & You

    MySQL Basics

    MySQL Data types
    MySQL column types
    Choosing column type
    Working with Sequences
    Character Set Support

    Expressions & Operators

    MySQL Expressions
    Arithmetic Operators
    Logical Operators
    Bit Operators
    Comparison Operator
    Operator Precedence
    Type Conversion

    Working with Tables

    MySQL Table types
    Table Representation on memory
    Portability Characterstics
    Creating a Table
    Temporary Tables
    Creating Tables the Other way
    Merge Tables
    Dropping Tables
    Indexing Tables
    Creating & Dropping Index
    Altering Table Structure
    Foreign Keys & Referential Integrity

    MySQL SQL Syntax

    Naming Rules
    Working with Database
    Select statement
    Insert statement
    Update statement
    Delete statement
    Using UNION


    Select Statement Revisited
    Selecting Records by condition

    Advance Queries

    Using JOIN
    Performing Transaction
    Using FULLTEXT Searches

    Query Optimization

    Advantages and Disadvantages of Indexing
    Choosing Index type
    MySQL Query optimizer
    Overriding Optimization
    Efficient Data Loading
    Optimization for Administrations


    Securing MySQL under Linux/Unix
    Protecting MySQL under Windows
    Creating New Database user and Granting Permission
    What if you forgot Root password?

    Access System

    Internal Workings of Access System
    Tools for Setting Access Privileges
    Connection Problems

    Data Directory

    Location of Data Directory
    Structure of DD
    Repositioning DD Contents

    General MySQL Administration

    Securing a New Installation
    Server Startup and Shutdown
    User Account management
    Log Files
    Importing and Exporting Text Files
    Multiple Servers

    Advanced MySQL Administration

    Synchronizing with the Server
    Disaster Recovery through Backup & Restore
    Data Recovery and Repair
    Maintenance of MyISAM Tables
    Administration of InnoDB Tables
    Server Tuning

    Replication and Other Administration issues

    Database Migration
    Building Replication Plan
    International Customization, Character Sets


    MySQL with Java
    MySQL with PHP
    MySQL with other languages

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