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Microsoft Access

MSAccess Microsoft Access is a Window based program created by Microsoft. It helps you store & manage a large collection of information.

A systamatically arrangeed database helps you manage the stored information in an efficient way so that It can access quickly whenever needed.

You can easily create such a database using Access.

A good Database design ensure that you will be able to perform various tasks on it efficiently and accurately and without any hindrance.

Contents :-

  • Microsoft Access

    Introduction to Database

    Object of RDBMS

    Introduction to Access

    Getting Started
    Creating New and Opening Existing Database
    Creating DB using Database Wizard
    Creating DB without using Database Wizard


    Introduction to table
    Creating table
    Table in design view
    Working on tables
    Description of design view
    Properties of fields
    Primary Key
    Switching view
    Entering data
    Manipulation data

    Handling Queries

    Introduction to query
    Creating a query in design view
    Query wizards
    Finding duplicate query


    Creating form by using Wizard
    Creating form by design view
    Adding Records using A form
    Editing Forms
    Form Control
    Command Buttons


    Report using the Wizard
    Creating report in Design view
    Printing Reports

    Importing exporting


    Sorting and Filtering

    Filter by Selection
    Filter by Form
    Saving a Filter
    Keyboard Shortkeys
    How to install MS-Access

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