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MS Word

Microsoft Word Microsoft Word is a word processor that is incredibly powerful and amazingly simple to use. Microsoft word is a allows user to create, edit, and print documents using a computer.

It was first released in 1983 under the name Multi-Tool Word for Xenix systems. Versions were later written for several other platforms including IBM PCs running DOS(1983), the Apple Macintosh(Mac)(1984), SCO UNIX, OS/2 and Microsoft Windows (1989).

The first version of Word for Windows was released November 1989 . at a price of 500 US dollars.
The great advantage of word processing over using a typewriter is that you can make changes without retyping the entire document. If you make a typing mistake, you simply back up the cursor and correct your mistake. If you want to delete a paragraph, you simply remove it, without leaving a trace.

Contents :-

  • MS Word

    Introduction to MS Word

    Starting MS Word
    MS Word Application Window
    Creating and Opening a File
    Office Assistant
    Page Setup
    Document View
    Exiting MS Word

    MS Word: How to & what is

    How to Click
    Highlight text
    Highlight Menu
    Shortcut Keys

    Basic Features

    Bold, Underline, Italicize
    Bullet and Numbering
    Undo and Redo
    Cut & Paste
    Copy & Paste
    Spell Check
    Find and Replace
    Font Size

    Processing Basic

    Insertion Point Movement
    Inseting Data
    Selecting Text
    Changing Font

    Working with Paragraph

    Paragraph Formatting

    Usign Word Styles

    Character & Paragraph styles
    Word Template
    Style Gallery
    Creating, Accessing and Applying Styles
    Modifying a style
    Deletign a style
    Clearing all Formatting
    Style Options
    Applying styles with AutoFormat
    Adjusting AutoFormat Options
    Creating a Style based on Existign Style
    Applying a Style to the Next paragraph
    Displaying or Hiding Styles names
    Advance Style Option
    Assigning Keyboard Shortcut
    Updating Styles
    Style Organizer

    Working with Table

    Creating a Table
    Moving aroung the Table
    Entering text into the Table
    Adding row and column
    Resizing column
    Sorting tables
    Deleting row and column
    SUM function
    Merge Cell
    Table Headings
    Splitting a table
    Table AutoFormat

    Working with Graphics

    Inserting image from ClipArt
    Inseting image from File
    Moving and Deleting image
    Text Wrapping
    Insert Symbol
    Inserting File
    Aligning Graphics

    Drawing Tools

    Lines & Arrows
    Text Boxes
    Shadows and 3-D
    Line color & Fill color

    Working with Word Forms

    Word Forms
    Designing Form
    Form Toolbar
    Creating a Form
    Protecting a Form
    Saving a Form
    Working with Form Fields
    Using Word Forms

    Labels and Envelopes

    Creating Labels
    Customizing Labels
    Creating Custom Labels
    Changing Label Alignment
    Deleting Custom Labels
    Working with Envelopes
    Selecting Envelope Size
    Generating Envelopes
    Additional Options
    Using Envelopes Options
    Updating the Return Address
    Adding a Graphics to an Envelope
    Using Textbox

    Mail Merge

    Creating a mail Merge Document
    Mail Merge Toolbar
    Mail Merge Terminology
    Working with Recipient List
    Creating a New Data Source
    Adding and Deleting data source fields
    Adding and Deleting Source Entries
    Query Opption
    Establishing a Filter
    Creating Merged Letter
    Using an Excel Database for Mail Merge
    Retaining Decimal Formatting of Values
    Creatign Merged Mailing Labels
    Creatign Merged Envelopes
    Creatign an Email Merger


    Creating Fraction
    Working with the Equation Editor
    Working with Column
    Creating Header and Footer
    Adding Watermark
    Adding Line Number

    Creating Web Pages

    Saving Web Pages
    Creating a Web Page from a Template
    Web Page Themes
    Preview the Web Page

    How to learn more with Help

    Using Help in MS Word

    Keyboard Shortcuts

    MS Word Keyboard Shortcuts

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