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FrontPage FrontPage is a web-authoring software program. It is very easy to use to develop webs. You did not need to know HTML. You work in an environment similar to a word processing program.

FrontPage not only makes it easy for you to create your own Web pages and sites, it also gives the ability to test and troubleshoot the site before publishing it to the World Wide Web. FrontPage was initially created by Vermeer Technologies Incorporated(VTI).

Vermeer was acquired by Microsoft in 1996 specifically so that Microsoft could add FrontPage to its product line-up.
It was part of Microsoft Office application suite from 1997 to 2006. A Macintosh version was also released in 1998. Microsoft Frontpage has since been replaced by Microsoft Expression Web, which was released in December 2006.
One of the notable features of FrontPage is its built-in support for automated web templates. The main distinction between these templates and HTML templates generated by other products is that FrontPage templates include an automatic navigation system that creates animated buttons for pages that have been added by the user.

Contents :-

  • MS Front Page

    Introduction to HTML

    Hypermedia vs Linear media
    What is HTML?
    HTML Document Structure

    Introduction to FrontPage

    What's new in FrontPage
    Managing Web Sites
    A WYSIWYG web editor
    Opening FrontPage
    FrontPage Work Environment
    Workspace Layout
    Status bar
    Using Menus and Toolbars

    Content Formatting

    Heading elements
    Insert line breaks
    Horizontal Rule


    Applying Theme to a Web Site
    Applying Theme to the Current Page
    Applying Theme to Selected pages
    Changing Theme Attributes

    Creating a Web Site

    Using the Web Wizard
    Secure Socket Layer Option
    Creating Corporate site using Wizard
    Viewing and Sorting Task
    Task View Commands

    Editing Your Home Page

    Banner ad Manager
    Hit Counter
    Include Page Component
    Search Form Component
    Scheduled Picture Component


    Types of Images
    Adding Images to a Web Page
    Adjusting Image Properties
    Clip Art Library Images

    Character Formatting

    Format Toolbar
    Use other character formatting elements
    Changing Text Attributes
    Text Spacing and Positioning
    Adding Bullets and Numbering

    Adding New Web Pages

    Creating a New Page
    Deleting a Page

    Formatting Web Page Properties

    Page Properties Dialog Box
    The Page Options Dialog Box

    Incorporating Sound and Text

    Importing Text
    Adding Hyperlinks
    Inserting a Background Sound

    Editing Web Pages

    Spell Checking
    Global Find and Replace
    Page Transitions and effects
    Previewing in a Browser

    Anchors and URL

    Insert links into documents
    Define Link Types
    Define URL


    Create an unordered list
    Create an ordered list
    Create a definition list
    Create other lists and Nest Lists

    Designing Tables

    Creating & Editing Tables
    Adding Rows and Columns
    Deleting Rows and Columns
    Splitting and Merging Cells
    Customizing Tables
    Resizing Tables and Cells
    Adding a Background Image

    Creating Forms for Web Pages

    Creating a Basic Form
    Add Scrolling Text Box
    Adding Check Box and Push Button
    Using Radio Buttons
    Creating Labels
    Creating Drop Down Menu
    Form Properties
    Define CGI

    Page Layout

    Technical Design Considerations
    Page Loading & Browser Compatibility
    Page Layout Guidelines

    Creating and Editing Frames

    Introduction to Frames
    Create a Frames based page
    Attributes of the Frames elements
    Set Targets appropriately

    Cascading Style Sheet

    Introduction to CSS
    Add an Inline Style
    Add an Embedded Style Sheet
    Linked Style Sheets

    Special Elements

    Use the Meta element
    Add a Marquee
    Adding Office Components

    Java and JavaScript


    VBScript and ActiveX

    Add an ActiveX object to a web page

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