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Java Server Page

JavaServerPages Java Server Pages (JSP) technology enables Web developers and designers to rapidly develop and easity maintain, information- rich, dynamic Web pages that leverage exiting business systems.
As part of the Java technology family, JSP technology enables rapid development of Web-based applications that are platform independent.
JSP technology separates the user interface from content generation, enabling designers to change the overall page layout without altering underlying dynamic content.

The prerequisites are :
* HTML .You should be able to put together HTML pages.
* Java . You should be able to program in Java.

Contents :-

  • Java Server Page

    Evolution of Web Application

    Main Issues
    Java’s Role for Server Applications
    Java Server Pages-An Overview
    The component of JSPs
    How JSP and JSP Container Function
    JSP Architecture
    Benefits of JSP

    Introduction to Java Server Pages

    What is Java Server Pages?
    How a JSP Page Looks Like?
    Why we employ JSP?
    JSP Advantages
    Convenience of JSP Coding Versus Servlet Coding
    Seprations of Bussiness Logic from Page Presentation
    JSP Pages and Alternative Markup Languages
    What we need to Get Started?
    Sample Example

    JSP Overview

    Structure of a JSP page
    Scripting Elements
    JSP Tags

    Overview of JSP Syntax Elements

    Scripting Elements
    JSP Objects
    Using an implicit Object
    Object Scopes
    Standard Action: JSP Tags

    JSP Directives

    The JSP Page Directive
    The JSP include Directive
    Example Using Scripting Elements and Directives

    JSP Scripting Element

    JSP Expression
    JSP Scriptlet
    JSP Declarations

    Comments and Character Quoting Conversions

    Comments and Character Quoting

    Actions in JSP

    The jsp:include Action
    What's New in JSP
    The jsp:useBean Action
    More jsp:useBean Details
    The jsp:set Property Action
    The jsp:get Property Action
    The jsp:forward Action
    The jsp:plugin Action

    Session Management in JSP

    Standard Actions
    Usign JavaBean Components
    Forwarding Request
    Request Chainging
    Including Requests
    Synchronization Issues

    JSP Components

    Setting Up the JSP Component's J2EE Application
    Setting Up the Database
    Writing the JSP File
    Coding the JavaBeans Component
    Compiling the JavaBeans Component
    Creating the JSP Component's .war File
    Specifying the JNDI Names
    Deploying the JSP Component's J2EE Application
    Running the JSP Component

    JSP Cookies

    Cookie Class
    Example Using Cookies

    Exception Handling in JSP Pages

    What are Exception?
    How to catch Exceptions?
    Building Demo Pages
    Running the Demo Pages
    Improved FormHandler.jsp

    Accessing Database from JSP

    JSP code for connection
    Explanation of Codes

    Predefined Variables in JSP

    Different Predefined Variables

    Syntax Summary


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