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How to remove Pimples


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About Pimples

You can't understand the whole, by understanding the parts. But if you can realize the whole, you can very well understand the parts; their functions and responsibilities. This is somewhat a philosophical statement.

But this, rule is applicable to acne also. By now, scientists and researchers have thrown light on many things that are related to acne. But there is no definite information on the causes and treatments of acne. ACNE is the master of its creation, sustenance and eventual destruction. If it is so, you would like to ask me, whether there is no treatment to remove acne and blackheads.


Blackheads are compared to tiny plugs that appear in the pores of the skin. The over active sebaceous glands are responsible for this development. They are oil-producing glands. Skin then, becomes clogged with oil. Skin pores are open to the air and therefore sebum begins to harden. The oil hardening beneath it, pushes this plug to the surface, thus the blackheads become visible.

Visibility of such blackheads means, you have extended a firm invitation to acne. Blockage by the blackhead is the direct cause of acne. Therefore, the process of removing them is to control acne.

You need to use certain trusted medications and procedures to remove the blackheads. Cleanliness gets priority. Keep the skin clean and oil free. Use soft, naturally prepared cleansers, solutions or masks to accomplish this. Do not do any harsh activity on the skin like use of strong soaps.

Taking care of the dead cells is the next step. Use a gentle defoliant to remove them from the pore openings.

Don't get alarmed by the presence of a good number of blackheads and begin squeezing them. By doing so, you will further damage the skin around the pore. That action may even increase the size of the pore.

Keep a warm compress of water over the area of the blackheads, and apply mild pressure. This will help you get the clog and impurities from the pores cleared.

With the initial break of the acne and blackhead, please don't take a grim view of the situation. But watch your acne. Provide all the natural support to the skin in that area by means of cleansing, soft medication, proper diet, light exercise. Hopefully you will be free from, the problem within 2 to 3 weeks. If it still persists, it is better for you to consult the dermatologist for further advice.

Today the problem of acne or pimples and blackheads has been very common among the teenagers. Perhaps it is the most disturbing signal that you receive when you step into those years of your life, which are invariably marked by these unwanted skin problems. So, I am going to give some tips concerning the above mentioned problem. I hope it would definitely help you people to deal with your problems. Blackheads & Acne/ Pimples

When oil gets collected and hardens in the pores of the skin then blackheads are formed. Oily skin not only attracts dusts but also continuously shed the dead cells. Dirt, oil, sweat and stall make up tend to plug & block the pores. The pores are exposed to the dirt and air, hence they turn black and are called the blackheads. Owing to blackheads, the pores get blocked and oil glands get infected resulting to pimples. If the infection progresses, it ruptures the mechanism of oil glands and attacks the inner layer of the skin giving way to an acne prone condition.

Different Causes & Types of Pimples


¬ Constipation
¬ Not cleansing the face thoroughly
¬ To much consumption of coca-cola, tea, coffee
¬ Less consumption of water
¬ Late nights
¬ Hormonal imbalance


¬ Acne Simple-

Usually found both in male and female between the age of 12-15. At this age pimples appears on face. For the girls on the onset of periods & generally subsides from the face.

¬ Acne Compound-

It is usually found in both sex between the age of 15-30 years. Here the pimples & acne appear in clusters, the cause of this is general hormonal imbalance & they may be due to worry and tension.

¬ Acne Neurosis-

It commences at the base of nerves. It occurs at any stage due to worry and tension.

¬ Acne Frontals-

This is the acne on the forehead at any stage may be due to dandruffs threading, purming, flying on reaction to shampoo.

¬ Acne Senite-

This occurs with the women at the age of 45-55 because of hormonal imbalance & depression.

¬ Acne Dosacia-

It appears as an irritation on surface of the skin generally around the eyebrows, nose side & corners of the eyes, mouth. Basic cause is hormonal imbalance.

¬ Acne Vulgaris-

This is the last stage of acne where you will find out forms of skin disorders on the face, such as open pores, blackheads, white wod pastabes, papales, etc.

Remove Pimples at Home

Apple Cider Vinegar:

Use as you would a toner – soak up a cotton ball and apply on the affected area.


Baking Soda:

Make a paste with baking soda and water. Apply onto affected area. This works to remove excess oils, which contributes to the acne. You might want to add a dash of sea salt as well.

Mango and Lemon:

Make a paste out of mango, lemon, and water. Apply onto affected area and leave it on face for around an hour before washing off with warm water. Great while you are watching TV or reading a book! The results from these home remedies can sometimes be fairly impressive. Bear in mind though that not everything works for everybody and results may differ from person to person.

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