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Ear Infection Treatment


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About Ear Infection

During childhood, it is common for a baby child to have an ear infection or two, or commonly called an inner ear infection. An ear infection is when the lining/membrane of the middle ear becomes inflamed, causing a hole to form in the eardrum, from which various problems within the ear result, including diminished hearing, inflammation, pain and dizziness.


Ear infections are usually the result of a respiratory or sinus infection, as the nasal & ear passages become congested and inflamed. Virus and bacterial infections can also cause ear infections. An other cause of ear infections is when the inner ear does not function properly and excess fluid is produced.

Signs and Symptoms

Symptoms of an ear infection include pus, excess fluid, and inflammation present or draining from within the ear. Hearing loss & pain may be present as well, and fever as well. Young children may demonstrate fussiness, insomnia, difficulty hearing and/or loss of appetite. If not properly treated, the ear infection could progress in severity causing the eardrum to rupture, which is intensely painful and if not treated, can mean permanent hearing loss.

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Home Remedies

Do's and Don't for Ear Infection

Following are some of the simple tips to prevent ear infection:

- Avoid milk, cold drinks, onion as they worsen ear aches.

- Do not take spicy and oily foods as they irritate ear infections and aches.

- Include green vegetables that are rich in minerals, vitamins, and zinc. They are good for soothing your ear infections and aches.

- Keep away from alcohol and smoking.

- Regularly clean your ears using cotton and prevent water deposition in the ear.

- You can also try this to get some relief from ear pain. Bite and chew soft nutritional foods with the teeth or take sips of warm vegetable soups. This soothes ear aches.;

- Keep your ears and their surrounding dry and clean using ear buds and soft cotton fabrics. This will prevent most ear infections.

Following are some of the effective home remedies for ear infection:

- Mango is also used in earache. Grind mango leaves and boil it. Put 2-3 drops of lukewarm mango leaves extract in the infected ear. This is natural and effective remedy for reducing ear pain and infection.

-You can also try onion juice for getting relief from ear infection. Put onion juice in the infected ear.


- Try this easy and effective remedy for earache. Applying warm heat using pads over infected and aching ear gives comfort. Warm cloth containing boiled garlic pieces or warm onion pieces when gently positioned over paining ear gives relief from ear aches.

- Olive oil is also commonly used for getting relief from ear infection. Put few drops of olive oil in the infected ear. It will helps in moving out earwax.

- Prepare a mixture of warm olive oil and few pieces of garlic. Put few drops of this in the infected ear. It provides relief in ear infections and aches.

Herbal Remedies for Ear Infection

Following are some of the effective herbal remedies for ear infection:

- Garlic is very beneficial in ear infection. Take garlic juice and pour 2-3 drops of it into the infected ear. Use ear dropper for this. This gives relief in ear pain and infection.

- Another simple and effective home remedy for ear infection is holy basil. Using ear dropper, put 2-3 drops of basil juice in the infected ear. This will give you relief from ear infections and aches.

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