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HTMLDOM The Document Object Model (DOM) is a platform- and language-independent standard object model for representing HTML or XML and related formats.

A web browser is not obliged to use DOM in order to render an HTML document. However, the DOM is required by JavaScript scripts that wish to inspect or modify a web page dynamically. In other words, the Document Object Model is the way JavaScript sees its containing HTML page and browser state.

Because the DOM supports navigation in any direction and allows for arbitrary modifications, an implementation must at least buffer the document that has been read so far.
Hence the DOM is likely to be best suited for applications where the document must be accessed repeatedly or out of sequence order. If the application is strictly sequential and one-pass, the SAX model is likely to be faster and use less memory.
In addition, non-extractive XML parsing models, such as VTD-XML, provide a new memory-efficient option.

Contents :-


    HTML DOM Introduction

    What is the DOM?
    HTML Application of Core DOM
    Miscellaneous Object Definitions
    Objects related to HTML documents

    Working with HTML DOM

    getElementsByTagName ()
    Accessing Element and Text Nodes Hierarchically
    Attaching Events
    Accessing Attribute Nodes
    Accessing Nodes by Type, Name or Value
    Accessing Nodes by Class Name
    Removing Nodes from the DOM
    Creating New Nodes
    setAttribute() Method

    HTML Elements

    Property Attributes
    Naming Exceptions
    Interface HTML Element

    Object definitions

    Reference about all Interface element

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