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Journey by Road

1. Keep a road Map handy.

2. Avoid late night travel. Better start early morning and reach your destination by late evening. Some imperils of late night journey are: TravelTips2

a) Risk of highway robbery;

b) Encounter with heavy vehicles and dazzling headlights:

c) Sleepiness which may cause serious accidents.

3. Carry Torch.

4. Do not give lift to strangers even if good looking.

5. Carry first aid box with medicines for sudden illness like diarohhea, etc.

6. Take meals only at good restaurants on the highway and use safe drinking water.

7. Carry enough drinking water with you.

8. Always keep some eatables with you till you reach your destination.

9. Avoid quarrel with other persons and drivers on highway.

10. Give way to other vehicles and do not try forced overtaking.

11. Do not accept eatables from strangers.

In Case of Self Driven Tourists

Dress up your vehicle properly before undertaking outdoor journey as per details given here-in-below:

a) Get your vehicle properly checked up by your garage for fitness before start on a trip.

b) Get the vehicle serviced before the trip.

c) Get the engine tuned for trouble-free motoring.

d) Get the battery and cables properly checked.

e) Check fuel system for clogged or leaky pipes.



f) Get the dynamo charging rate adjusted to a little lower than for normal town running as overcharging burns out the armature necessitating hasty and expensive replacement on the road. If the dynamo has not been overhauled for the las 15,000 kms it would be advisable to get it overhauled to prevent failure of bushing and bearing on the way.

g) Clean the cleaners the air cleaner, the breather capl the fuel pump sediment bowl and strainer and the fuel filter.

h) Check and oil and oil filter replace if necessary. Carry extra can of in the trunk.

i) Hose pipes wear out on the inside. Pinch the pipes; replace if they feel spongy. Check clamps for tightness. It is advisable to carry spare hose pipes and a tinful of water.

j) Get the brakes and clutch adjusted if necessary.

k) Get the wheel alignment checked and adjusted properly to have a better feel of the vehicle and to reduce tyre wear.

l) Get the tyres checked. Make sure the spare is in good condition and properly inflated.

m) Ensure you have the following equipment with you on the trip:

A spare wheel pumped to the correct pressure. Tyre lever, puncture Kit and pump. Jack/wheel brace. Spares: bulbs for lights, fuses for electrical system, fan belt, radiator hose, Tools kit of the vehicle. Tow rope and spade. A piece of soap temporarily helps stop leaks in petrol tanks.

Travel Tips for Journey by Rail

1. Reach your embarkation station early and occupy your berths/seats. Sometimes, due to mistake of Railways, duplicate reservations can spoil your journey.

2. Do not accept food from strangers howsoever good looking.


3. Carry a chain to tie up your luggage with the seat.

4. Keep watchful eye on your baggage at stations and throughout the journey. Do not leave your baggage in the custody of strangers.



5. Always keep some eatables and drinking water with you up to the end of your journey.

6. Carry medicines for sudden illness like diorrehea, etc.

7. Do not discuss money matters within the hearing distance of strangers.

8. Do not carry inflammables.

9. Travel with proper tickets and do not buy tickets from unauthorised sources.

Air Journey

1. Reach at the airport well before time. Any unexpected traffic jam on way can make you lose your flight.

2. Take sufficient liquids during flight.

3. Travel light and carry only necessary hand baggage in the cabin.

4. Do not leave your valuables unattended even during flight for going to toilet etc.


5. Travel Light - instead of one large bag, pack two smaller bags. This will distribute the weight equally when you carry your bags and protect you from nect, arm and back strain.

6. After a long flight, stretch your arms. legs and back while waiting for your luggage to be unloaded. Always lift your heavy bag from a bent knee position, rather than bending over with your legs straight.

7. Wear comfortable footwear. Rubber soles that are shock absorbent and shoes made of leather or other natural materials that your feel breathe should be your first choice. Also, exercise your feet whenever possible.


8. In case of long distance flights try following measure to save yourself from air sickness:

a) Sitting - Keep your knees higher than your hips. This will relieve pressure and strain on your back. Get up and walk around as much as you can. If there is no rung in front of you, use your briefcase to put your feet up.

b) Shoulder tension reliever - Rotate your shoulders forward, then backward. Then lift them up to your ears.

c) Foot flexibility - Take your shoes off and wriggle your toes. Rotate your ankles clockwise, then anti-clockwise.

d) Leg stretcher - With toes on the floor, raise heels, shoulder, waist and arm stretches. Reach hands over head and lean to each side.

e) Back stretcher -Under the guise of looking for something in your briefcase, bring your head down and your knees up until they meet. Hold for five seconds and relax.

f) Arm strengthener - Put both hands on the seat in front of you with arms outstretched and push.Hold for five seconds and release.

Travel Tips- A World of Caution

Travelling out, especially for holidaying, is a great fascination. All family members - ladies and children, expect great thrill. And rightly so, because the main purpose of going out is to get rid of daily chores. boring routine, tight working schedules, long hours, missing meals and so on.

From holidays every one of the family has his/her own dream. So detailed planning is done every thing is packed, all schedules worked out, note made of every thing to be seen, to be done. In short, one is mentally attuned to an opportunity of great fun and frolic.


1. One may lose his luggage. So, the prudent policy would be to keep at least one day's clothing in your hand bag. Especially, during flights, your luggage may not reach destination with you. So be prepared to live for at least one day.

2. You may lose your flight for any reason. Next flight may not be available immediately. So, keep a contingency plan in mind.

3. You may lose your struck in a strange place where conveniences of life, food, may not be available.

4. You may meet with an accident.

5. You may be pick pocketed. Hence, do not keep all your money at one place. It is a safe policy that every member of the travel party should have some money.

6. If you are travelling to colder destination, keep warm clothings handy. Nature will not allow you time to unpack your luggage at the destination. People travelling from warm places to colder places generally have this tendency. I got exposure before I could pen my suitcase on reaching Nainital and put on warm wearings.

7. Avoid travelling to disturbed places.

8. If you are travelling without hotel reservation, especially during peak seasons, you are inviting trouble.

9. Your vehicle may break down at odd place and at odd time.

10. You may not get food of your taste.

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