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Credit Cards Using Tips


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Credit Cards Using Tips

A credit card can help you build credit and manage your money. Follow these steps and precautions to make sure you fully understand your credit-card plan.



• Shop around for credit-card terms that are best for you.

• Make sure you understand the terms of a credit-card plan before you accept the card. Review the disclosures of terms and fees that must appear on credit-card offers you receive in the mail.

• Pay bills promptly to keep finance charges as low as possible.

• Keep copies of sales slips and promptly compare charges when your bills arrive.

• Protect your credit cards and account numbers to prevent unauthorized use. Draw a line through blank spaces above the total when you sign receipts.

• Keep a list of your credit-card numbers and the telephone numbers of each card issuer in a safe place in case your cards are lost or stolen.

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