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Tips For Online Buying Bonds


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Tips for Online Buying Bonds


While buying bonds online isn't as easy as buying stocks online, it's cheaper to buy them from websites than from retail brokers.

1) - Open an account with an online broker or dealer that sells bonds. Most dealers will require that you open an account with some amount.

2) - Deposit the required amount in the account by mailing a check or through the credit card to the broker or dealer.

3) - Decide what type of bond you want to buy, then visit the Bond Market Association's Web site (www.bondmarkets.com) and check out yields and other features of the various bonds.

4) - Check out other Web sites that list bond information, looking for the best total returns, not just the best yields.

5) - Calculate a bond's "yield to call," or how much money you'll get if you redeem early. The higher the yield, the more money you'll make.

6) - Indicate which bond you want to buy and how much you want to invest.

7) -Keep in mind that the broker's commission is usually built into the bond price.

8) -Await verification. The brokerage will verify that you have enough money in your account to cover the transaction, and then it will buy the bonds.

9) - Get confirmation of the purchase. You should receive a trade confirmation by mail several days after the bond has been bought.

Here we have given a list of websites Where to buy bonds on line



www.indiabulls.com www.valueresearchonline.com

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