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Write a Business Loan Proposal


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How To Write a Business Loan Proposal

A well-written loan proposal contains:

1. Business name, names of principles, Social Security number for each principal, and the business address.

2. Purpose of the loan – exactly what the loan will be used for and why it is needed.

3. Amount required – the exact amount you need to achieve your purpose.

Business Description

1. History and nature of the business – details of what kind of business it is, its age, number of employees and current business assets.

2. Ownership structure – details on your company’s legal structure.

Management Profile

Develop a short statement on each principal in your business; provide background, education, experience, skills and accomplishments.

Market Information

1. Clearly define your company’s products as well as your markets.

2. Identify your competition and explain how your business competes in the marketplace.

Financial Information

1. Financial statements – balance sheets and income statements for the past three years. If you are starting out, provide a projected balance sheet and income statement.

2. Personal financial statements on yourself and other principal owners of the business.

3. Collateral you would be willing to pledge as security of the loan.

To speed your processing time, you may wish to consider services such as Live Capital.com that allow you to complete one application that can be considered by several lenders at one time.

How Your Loan Request will be Reviewed

When reviewing a loan request, the lender is primarily concerned about repayment. To help determine this ability, many loan officers will order a copy of your business credit report from a credit-reporting agency. Therefore, you should work with these agencies to help them present an accurate picture of your business. Using the credit report and the information you have provided, the lending officers will consider the following issues:

1. Have you invested savings or personal equity in your business totaling at least 25 percent to 50 percent of the loan you are requesting? (Remember, a lender or investor is unlikely to finance 100 percent of your business.)

2. Do you have a sound record of credit-worthiness as indicated by your credit work, work history and letters of recommendation? This is very important.

3. Do you have sufficient experience and training to operate a successful business?

4. Have you prepared a loan proposal and business plan that demonstrate your understanding of and commitment to the success of the business?

5. Does the business have sufficient cash flow to make the monthly payments.

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