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Tips For Lower Your Taxes


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Tips for lower Your Taxes

Financially successful people often pay high income taxes. Reducing taxes can go hand in hand with making wise life decisions.


1) Study tax law each year. Read IRS publications, particularly the 1040 instruction booklet, and articles about new tax laws.

2) Have your tax return prepared by an expert every three years or so if you normally do your taxes yourself.

3) If you have your taxes prepared for you, either see a different, experienced tax preparer every few years or make a list of questions to ask during the off-season and while being interviewed.

4) Keep and organize receipts and documents for investments, property, business and employee expenses, mileage, donations, medical bills, and casualties and other losses.

Buy and Put Away

a) Purchase a home.

b) Purchase rental property.

c) Put the maximum amount allowed into a retirement account.

d) Put up to 100000 each year into a traditional IRA if you are not covered by another retirement account at work or if your income is below the IRS limit.

e) Put up to 100000 each year into a spousal IRA if your spouse is not working or is not covered by a retirement plan at work.

Plan Ahead

A. Be aware of deadlines for making retirement contributions at work and for opening up retirement accounts for the self-employed.

B. You have until April 15, the deadline for filing the past year's tax return, to make an IRA contribution.

C. Estimate and plan any medical, dental and eye care costs and payments for the upcoming year if your employer offers a medical benefit.

D. Estimate for the upcoming year and pay during the tax year for child and dependent care if your employer offers this benefit.

F. Have taxes withheld or make estimated payments if you receive gains from sales, prize winnings, bonuses, spousal support, unemployment compensation or other significant amounts of income.

G. Track purchases, reinvestment of dividends and sales of stocks.

H. Keep records of property and investment purchases, sales and improvements.

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