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Fortran Fortran Originally developed by IBM in the 1950s for scientific and engineering applications.
Fortran (acronym for Formula Translation ) is a very old language mainly used by the scientific community and its aim is to provide a way to tell computers to calculate mathematical expressions.

Successive versions of Fortran have added support for processing of character-based data ( [F77]), array programming, module-based programming and object-based programming (Fortran 90/95), and object-oriented and generic programming (Fortran 2003).

Fortran is still widely used for scientific application and mainframe platform.

Contents :-

  • Fortan


    What is Fortran
    Advantage of Fortran
    Difference between Fortran 77 & 90

    Basic of FORTRAN language

    Basic of FORTRAN
    FORTRAN variable
    Data type

    Fortran Expression and I/O statement

    FORTRAN expression
    Artethematic & Integer Expression
    Real & complex Expression
    Mixed & character expression
    Relational & logical expression
    Input statement
    Output statement
    How to write simple program
    FORTRAN statement layout

    Control Statement

    What is control statement?
    If.. Else tatement
    Goto & do statement
    Continue & stop statement
    Pause & end statement


    Introduction to array
    Types of array
    One dimensional array
    Two dimensional arrays

    Function & Pointer

    Basic function & subroutines
    Statement function
    Intrinsic function & Library function
    External function

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