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How to buy fax machine


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How to Buy a Fax Machine

When looking for a fax machine, consider quality, price and special features. If you need to send faxes but not receive them, consider a fax modem as an alternative. Determine the type of machine you want.

Choose a film-cartridge fax machine to get mediocre print quality. Look for an ink-jet fax machine to get better print quality for a slightly higher price but the highest cost of use.

Buy a laser fax machine for good print quality if you can afford to pay more. If you'll receive a lot of faxes, the higher purchase price will quickly be offset by the lower cost of use.

Things to consider before purchasing

Before buying your fax machine, keep these things in mind:

• Unless you will be faxing quite a bit, you may not need a dedicated phone line for the fax machine. Some fax machines can determine if an incoming signal is for a fax or if it is a voice call.

• Office supply stores will frequently offer rebates on popular items like fax machines. If you are not in a hurry to purchase your machine, watch for rebates or sales that may come up. Sometimes sales staff can tell you when the next sale will be held and if it will include what you are interested in buying.

• Save your receipt. Some stores will promise to match their competitor's price or else refund you the difference on the purchase price. You may be able to take advantage of their offer.

When shopping for a fax machine

Here are some shopping tips

1. Decide what features you want. Among them decide if you need phone, copying, Call Waiting and/or Caller ID capability. The ability to store received faxes when the machine runs out of paper is a nice feature, as is being able to feed multiple pages, and broadcast faxing to multiple recipients.

2. Look for machines with four choices for image quality.

3. Compare the maximum fax resolution.

4. Make sure the machine can print 64 shades of gray if you'll be receiving and copying both text and images. Color-capable machines are also available, but they're expensive.

5. Time is money. Compare the pages-per-minute printing speed, modem speed, and fax transmission speed.

6. Figure out how many speed-dial numbers you'll need, if any.

7. Decide whether you need an integrated digital answering machine.

8. Comparing costs among fax machines is complicated by the machine’s price versus the paper and ink costs, plus the fax machine’s transmission speed. Depending on the type of paper and ink the machine uses, the costs for supplies vary. Some stores will provide each fax machine’s cost per page. This is especially handy for comparison purposes. Keep in mind that what you save overall can be offset by your phone bill if you are faxing long distance and the machine transmits pages slowly.

9. Compare each model's capacity for feeding multiple pages, storing received faxes when the machine is out of paper and 'broadcast' faxing to a group of recipients.

10. Evaluate how easy the machine is to use.

11. Look for advanced business features, if necessary, such as delayed transmission, the ability to 'poll' other fax machines, copy reduction and enlargement, and 'shrink to fit' 8 1 /2-by-11-inch pages.

12. Consider service contracts offered by the dealer if they include maintenance and loaner privileges and cover normal wear.

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