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DTD DTD is a language that describes the contents of an SGML/HTML (or simply markup) document. The DTD is also used with XML, and the DTD definitions may be embedded within an XML document or in a separate file.

DTDs cannot be used to define XML namespaces, and DTDs are written using their own syntax, not XML syntax. As a result, XML schemas such as W3C XML Schema and RELAX NG are used to define the content of an XML document.

In a DTD, the structure of a class of documents is described via element and attribute-list declarations. Element declarations name the allowable set of elements within the document, and specify whether and how declared elements and runs of character data may be contained within each element.
Attribute-list declarations name the allowable set of attributes for each declared element, including the type of each attribute value, if not an explicit set of valid value(s).

Contents :-

  • DTD

    Introduction to DTD

    Introduction to XML DTD

    DTD Building Blocks

    Element, Attributes & Entities
    DTD Elements
    DTD Attributes
    DTD Entities
    DTD ATTLIST Declration

    DTD Examples

    Sample DTD
    Sample DTD Explanation

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