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Core Java

Core Java Core Java offers a total immersion approach for C\C++ programmer wanting to learn java.
The course will use JDK(Java Development Kit) and covers all the new language features.

This course inclues worked out examples illustrating new JDK features that are fully explained thoughout the course.

Core Java has been carefully planned to help students create faster, smaller and more efficient Java application.

Contents :-

  • Core Java

    Java Evolution

    Java History
    Java features
    Benefits of java over C and C++
    How Java works
    The Java programming language
    The Java Platform
    Java Development Kit
    Hardware & Software requirement
    Disadvantage of Java

    Overview of Java Language

    Developing the Java Application
    Comments in Java Code
    Defining a class
    The main method
    Using classes and objects
    Java Program Structure
    Java Tokens

    Constant, Variable and Datatype

    Declaring Variable
    Rule on Variable Names
    Variable Type
    Primitive Data Type

    Operator and Expression

    Expression and operators
    Operator Precedence
    Integer Operators
    Relational Integer Operators
    Floating point Operators
    Relational Floating point Operator
    String Operator
    Assignment Operator
    Arithmetic assignment Operator
    Boolean expression & Operations
    Logical Operators
    Bitwise operators
    The complement operator

    Decision making, Branching & looping

    Flow control with if & else
    The if statement
    The else statement
    Switch statement
    For, while & do-while statement
    The for statement
    The while statement
    The do-while statement
    Using break and continue
    The break statement
    The continue statement

    Class Object and Method

    Introduction to class
    The benefit of classes
    Defining class
    Class using constructor
    Declaring an Object
    Instantiating an Object
    Initializing an Object
    Referencing an object's Variable
    Calling an Object method
    Creating a class
    The class Declaration
    The class body
    Constructions for class
    Implementing Methods
    The Method body
    A Method's name
    Example of Math class

    Array and String

    Java array
    Object array
    String concatenation


    Creating subclasses
    Member variables in subclass inherit
    Hiding member Variables
    Methods in subclass Inherit
    Overriding Method
    Methods a subclass cann't override
    Methods a subclass must override
    The Benefits of Inheritance
    Interfaces and Classes
    Implementing and using Interface
    Implementing Multiple Interfaces
    Creating and Extending Interfaces
    Methods inside Interfaces
    Extending Interfaces


    Declaring Packages
    Importing Packages
    Creating Our Own Packages
    The Java Language Packages
    The Java I/O Packages
    The Java Utility Packages
    The Java Networking Packages
    The Java Applet Packages
    The Java abstract Window Toolkit Packages


    Thread Attributes
    Thread State
    Thread Group
    Method that Operate on All Thread
    Access Restriction Methods
    The notify All () and wait () methods
    Frequently used Method

    Exception Handling

    What is an Exception
    If Exception than?
    The exception handling technique
    Some terminology
    Throw an exception
    Throw, try, and catch blocks
    Multiple catch blocks
    The finally clause
    The throwable class
    Type of exception
    Different list of exception
    Built-in Exceptions


    How Applets and Applications are different
    Limitation of Applets
    The Applet Class
    Major Applets Activities
    The life cycle of a Web page Applet
    Including an Applet on a Web Page
    Essential HTML to launch an Applet & pass it parameters
    Launching an Applet in an html/core_java Document
    A Sample Applet that receives a Parameter
    Posting a Web Page that launches a custom Applet

    Managing Input/Output Files in Java

    Input Streams
    The Abstract Class Input Stream
    The File Class
    The FileDialog Class
    Low-level & High-level Stream Class
    The FileOutputStream Class
    The FileInputStream Class
    The DataOutputStream Class
    The DataInputStream Class
    The ObjectOutputStream Class
    The objectInputStream Class

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