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COREL DRAW CorelDRAW is an intuitive graphics design application that gives designers an enjoyable work experience. The program is built to meet the demands of today’s graphics professionals. Whether you work in advertising, printing, publishing, sign making, engraving, or manufacturing, CorelDRAW offers the tools you need to create accurate and creative vector illustrations and professional-looking page layouts.

CorelDRAW is a vector illustration and page layout program with powerful integrated tools for illustration, photo editing, and painting. Unique interactive tools set it apart, saving you time and making the design process easier. One will learn how to create publications, such as logos and brochures, for use on the Web or in print. Specific skills include creating and transforming objects, adding text and colour to drawings, and creating and modifying symbols and layers in drawings.
CorelDRAW is one of the most powerful and versatile illustration programs on the market today, on any platform. What you do with CorelDRAW is limited only by your imagination, time, and budget. You can see projects ranging from fine art frescoes to silk-screened T-shirts to laser engraved stainless steel parts. Your use may be as ordinary as a flyer for a garage sale or as complex as the annual report for a Fortune 500 company. From desktop publishing to fine art, CorelDRAW gives you the tools. The talent, inspiration and effort come from you.

Contents :-

  • Coral Draw

    Introduction of CorelDraw

    Advantage of CorelDraw
    Installing CorelDraw
    Description of Window of CorelDraw
    Shapes & Objects

    Getting Started

    Menu Bar
    Tool Bar
    Property Bar
    Starting Coreldraw
    Working with Template
    Saving of a Document
    Print Preview
    Printing of a Document

    Basics of CorelDraw

    Creating Basic Shapes
    Working with Shape Tool
    Appling Outline & Fills
    Adding Text to Document
    Working with eraser & knife tool
    Working with Grid & Guidelines

    Working with various Objects & Shapes

    Welding of Two Objects or shapes
    Trimming of an Object
    Combining of two Objects
    The Intersection Command
    Transformation or resizing of an Object
    Powerclip on Object
    Aligning of Objects
    Working with Curves

    Effects on objects

    Creating Drop Shadow
    Creating Blending Effect
    Fill Text with Pattern
    Working with Envelop Tool
    3D-Effect on Object
    Applying Perspective

    Working with Text

    Working with Artistic Text
    Working with Paragraph Text
    Formatting Text
    Moving Text Block/Rotating

    Importing & Exporting of Object

    Importing object in a document
    Exporting object

    Tips & Tricks in CorelDraw

    Tracing of Logo and various objects
    Creation of beautiful patterns
    Use of Nudge Offset button
    Drawing of a vector image
    An Overview on Fountain Fills

    Working with Bitmaps

    Converting Objects to Bitmap
    Edit Bitmap
    Cropping Bitmap
    3D Effects
    Art Strokes
    Blur Strokes
    Disort Effects

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