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Top Ten Tips For Jobs Searching


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Top Ten Tips For Jobs Searching


1. Choose Job Sites Carefully

Jobs are listed on thousands of different websites, So be selective about which ones you use. As a Comprehensive search engine for jobs, we Will help you find specialized job boards or Employer career sites that fit your interests. It will Also save your time and steer you to jobs you Won’t otherwise find.

2. Refine Your Job Search

Search using keywords and add more terms to narrow your search. Don’t forget to specify your location; your zip code normally works fine. Most job sites also have an Advanced Job Search so you can narrow your results using, for example, a particular company name, job title, or commuting distance.

3. Set up Email Job Alerts

Save your job searches to receive email job alerts including new jobs matching your criteria. Many sites also let you save any job search as an RSS feed. This will help you apply for jobs as soon as they are posted, making it more likely employers will notice you.

4. Keep it Focused!

Only apply to jobs you are qualified for. Companies notice candidates with the skills and experience they’re looking for. If you don’t have these, your resume will be ignored.

5. Watch Out for Scam Job Listings

Be careful if you see job listings promising quick and easy income, or requiring a fee or your social security number in order to apply - they’re likely to be scams.

6. Write a Customized Cover Letter

A well-written cover letter that is customized to the company or individual recipient shows you are serious. Try to show how your qualifications and experience relate to the company’s needs.

7. Post Your Resume

Posting your resume to job boards helps companies find you online. Bear in mind that anyone may be able to see it, including your current employer. Most job sites give you the option of posting anonymously, although companies may then be less likely to contact you.

8. Clean Up Your Act

Check your resume and cover letters for typos and grammatical errors. Use consistent font sizes and formatting in your resume. Potential employers may look at any online profile of yours, so keep them up-to-date and free of content that would embarrass you.

9. Do Your Research

Spend time on the company’s website and learn as much as you can about the firm’s products and services. Read up on company news and trends in the industry – use sites like Wikipedia and Zoom Info. Find out who is interviewing and Google their names to learn about them. If you know anyone who works at a company you are applying to, try to speak with them first for advice.

10. Know Your Salary

Once companies are ready to make you an offer, they’re likely to discuss your salary needs. If you’re armed with objective salary information, you’ll be in a better position to negotiate.

Here we have given a list of job providers websites---








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