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C C is a general-purpose, procedural, imperative computer programming language developed in 1972 by Dennis Ritchie at the Bell Telephone Laboratories for use with the Unix operating system.

It is a high-level programming language that is able to manipulate the computer at a low level like assembly language. During the last half of the 1980s, C became the language of choice for developing commercial software.

C has also greatly influenced many other popular languages, especially C++, which was originally designed as an enhancement to C. It is the most commonly used programming language for writing system software, though it is also widely used for writing applications.C, and its object-oriented successor C++, are used to write a huge variety of applications and almost all operating systems.

Contents :-

  • C

    Fundamental concept of problem solving

    concept of problem solving
    Problem design and implementation

    Introduction to C

    How to open C program code window
    Description of C code window
    Editing file
    Saving and running a program
    The component of C language
    Structure of C Program
    A sample of C language program

    C character set & Keywordsp

    The C character set

    Data types

    Primary data types
    Secondary data types


    Rules for constructing variables names
    Variable declaration
    Assigning values to variables
    Scope of variable:Local & global


    Character constants
    Integer constants
    Real constants
    Logical & string constants

    C instruction set

    Type declaration & Input/Out instructions
    Arithmetic instructions
    Control instructions


    Arithmetic operators
    Relational operators
    Logical operators
    Increment & decrement operator
    Bitwise operator
    Conditional & ternary operator
    The comma operator
    Size of operator
    Assignment operator
    Type modifier


    Evaluation of Expression
    Autometic type conversion

    Basic Input/Output

    Console I/O function
    Disc & port I/O function

    Control structure

    Sequence control statements
    Decision control & conditional statements
    Case control statements
    Repitition and loop control statements
    Some more statements

    Array & string

    Introduction of Array
    Array declaration
    Array initialization
    Two dimensional Array
    Multi dimensional Array

    Function and recursion

    Function definition
    Function declaration
    Function call


    Pointer expression
    Pointer & functions
    Pointer & Arrays
    Multidimensional arrays & pointer
    Arrays of pointer
    Pointer & functions


    Giving values to member
    Structure initialization
    Comparison of structure variables
    Arrays of structures
    Arrays within structures
    Structures within structures
    Passing structure to function


    Accessing a union member
    Initialization of union member
    Uses of union

    Dynamic data structure

    Linked list

    Data file handling

    File operation
    Opening and closing a data file
    Creating a data file
    Processing a data file
    Unformmated data file

    The C preprocesssor & macro

    Macro substitution directives
    File inclusion
    Compiler control directive

    Command line parameter of C

    Command line parameter

    Header file

    Use of library functions
    Some useful library functions

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